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Home site of Matti Airas

About the site

Welcome to my home site. On this site you'll find information about me and stuff I've made or am interested in. The aim of this wiki is to act as a means of easy publication of my different projects and random interests.

Personal Introduction

I am a Finnish male, originally from Turku, but living in Helsinki. I am employed at Nokia Corporation MeeGo Devices as the MeeGo Community Manager, coordinating the and N9/MeeGo community activities as well as the Harmattan Python and PySide projects, among other things.

In my life, I am interested in various things such as (including, but not limited to) sailing, economics, politics, DIY, photography, IT (Linux and open-source software in particular).

Contact Information

Mobile number: +358 50 484 0973


Follow the link to access my Curriculum Vitae.


Different projects are located on a separate page: Projects