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In Heikkilä military base in Turku there is an abandoned warehouse cave, which has since been inhabited by bats. During wintertime there are probably hundreds of them, making it the largest known roosting cave in Finland. To acquire more information on the activity of the critters, the Turku Bat Society (consisting mainly of University of Turku biologists and other interested parties) initiated the Lepsu project.

At this point, the equipment in the cave consists of:

  • a double light curtain at the mouth of the cave to detect bat flight activity and direction
  • an environment monitoring network consisting of several one-wire temperature/humidity sensors located at different parts of the cave.
  • a Linux PC recording the data
  • a remote connection to the PC using a 3G wireless modem.

My responsibility in the project has been to implement and maintain the required PC software and the PC itself. I also specified the environment monitoring network hardware and implemented the remote connection. Since I am not located in Turku, this has all been performed in close co-operation with the local people.

More information and pictures to arrive later on.