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TKK Aparat
Aparat was one of my bigger contributions to the speech processing community. It is a voice inverse filtering and parameterization software for the MATLAB environment.
Matsig is a signal processing class library for Matlab. It eases manipulation of signals by defining signal objects, having explicit start and end times and sampling frequencies, making many MATLAB operations quite a bit easier.
Automatically compile LaTeX documents
Optimize board cutting automatically
Create a *huge* map of smaller overlapping maps (should work for other scanned bitmaps as well)
An improved Python module for wave file I/O
I wasn't really pleased with the available Genetic Algorithms for Python, so I created my own library (somewhat based on the Python Cookbook sample code)
Dependency-based Python programming
Tämä virke sisältää yhden p-kirjaimen, kolme v-, neljä r-, viisi d-, h-, l- ja u-, kuusi y-, seitsemän j-, kahdeksan o-, yhdeksän m-, yksitoista n-, kolmetoista ä-, kuusitoista a- ja e-, seitsemäntoista t-, yhdeksäntoista k- sekä kaksikymmentäkaksi i- ja s-kirjainta.
A small script for which I have not found a counterpart in the standard Linux command line toolbox
signature engine
A random signature formatter/translator.

I have also participated in several open source projects. Some examples can be found through Google Code Search:

Other projects

A multidisciplinary joint project for monitoring bat activity at the Heikkilä roosting cave.
Boat electrics
I have an old wooden boat, the electric wiring of which resembled a magpie's nest. I re-did it once and for all.
CNC Router
Every man and woman should have one

Old stuff

At one point in my life I was an avid recumbent cyclist and also wrote some descriptions of tours I had made.